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About Quadriga Art

Quadriga Art is a global leader in direct marketing and creative services. We offer nonprofit organizations, fundraising agencies and commercial brands innovative direct marketing campaign solutions that produce extraordinary results.

For more than seventy years, Quadriga Art has helped value-driven clients raise money and create connections. At the core of our company’s values is a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and a deep and abiding sense of responsibility to the clients and communities we serve.

The breadth of Quadriga Art’s services and work spans 25 countries worldwide. Quadriga Art is built from the ground up to serve organizations that demand low-cost, high-impact campaign solutions.

Quadriga Art is a place where various creative services are realized and valued on an integrated, global platform. Quadriga Art has become a direct marketing leader providing creative management and direct marketing services for nonprofit organizations.

Quadriga Art’s vision is to deliver best in practice solutions when it comes to direct marketing, direct mail, analysis and fundraising success. For more information, Contact Quadriga Art today.

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