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Imagine a direct marketing partner that speaks your language. At Quadriga Art we don’t just think in terms of ink on paper. While direct mail production is a huge part of what we do, the Quadriga Art teams are fluent in both the art and science of targeted direct marketing.

We believe it is our responsibility to actively bring our clients new concept ideas, strategic market insights and cost-saving innovations. New product development is a daily responsibility for everyone in our organization and it shows. Quadriga and its agency partners bring thousands of high-impact direct marketing campaigns to market each year.

We strive to make the typically tedious aspects of campaign production easy and hassle-free. Your team can focus creative energy on the messaging and differentiation of your campaign while we handle all aspects of production planning and execution. All of this is made possible through a suite of integrated direct marketing services delivered to you by a single team dedicated to your long-term success.

Have a campaign that’s ready to be produced? Quadriga Art provides all-inclusive production quotes that take your idea from the drawing board to the mailbox in one easy step.

For annual campaign planning and new concept development, the Quadriga team takes a consultative approach. First, we work to understand your campaign performance history, segmentation challenges and messaging requirements. By offering data insights, historical performance feedback and personalized package recommendations, Quadriga works with direct marketers to bring breakthorugh concepts to life.

Quadriga Art is a place where various creative services are realized and valued on a global platform. We work with people from more than 25 different countries, making us one of the leading companies providing creative management and direct marketing agency services.

We help nonprofit organizations with the aim of delivering the best solutions and have a reputation for delivering the most appropriate and simplified solutions to our customers. This is what gives Quadriga Art a competitive edge in the market and recognition as one of the most well-organized companies that offer excellence in direct marketing management and control.

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