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Quadriga Art and Non Profit Organizations


Quadriga Art believes that non-profits are saving lives and changing the World

Quadriga Art has served hundreds of the world’s most successful non-profits around the world and believe that non-profits are saving lives, changing the world and most importantly, truly and powerfully making a difference. We love working with people who are passionate about what they do, and we are humbled by the opportunity to help further missions that go far beyond the initial fundraising required to get them off the ground.

Quadriga Art non-profit clients work in a variety of categories including: human rights, social services, animal welfare, health and medicine, education and culture, veterans, patriotic, political, children’s welfare, and seniors’ organizations.

Some of our clients are very small and come to us with only a few hundred donors. Others are looking to increase revenue from millions of existing supporters. We’re extremely proud that we’re able to leverage our knowledge and expertise of direct marketing in the service of our clients’ missions.

Achieving your fundraising goals in today’s global market is a serious challenge. Budgets are tight. Competition is fierce. To succeed, your integrated marketing programs must consistently be on target, your concepts must be unique and your campaigns must increase response rates and net revenue — all within tight ROI constraints. Quadriga Art can help your non-profit organization achieve this ROI.

Our organization is a place where various creative services are realized. The Quadriga Art team works with people from more than 25 different countries, making us one of the leading companies providing creative management and direct marketing services.

As a company, Quadriga Art also donates to charities. Every year our dedicated team looks for organizations that need our help the most.

To learn more about our services and capabilities, contact Quadriga Art today.

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